2014 Porsche 991 GT3 Cup


2014 Porsche 991 GT3
2014 Porsche 991 GT3


  • Chassis but only ran one IMSA race “Sebring 2014” then procured from first owner Michael Levitas in July 2015
  • Began offseason testing immediately: Harris Hill 0.5 day, COTA 2 days, Road Atlanta 2 days, COTA 2 days, MSR Houston 2 Days, HSR Daytona and Sebring races in Nov/Dec 2014.

2015: ** The #19 WPD/Moorespeed GT3 Porsche was fastest thru timing traps at every event attended

  • NOLA IMSA Test, 3rd quickest 1:39.1
  • COTA Pirelli Trophy (1 st OA from Pole in both Race #1 & Race #2,
  • Sebring IMSA GT3 Cup (Race #1: 15thOA/12th platinum, Race #2: 12thOA/9th platinum)
  • NOLA IMSA GT3 Cup (Race #3: 12thOA/10th platinum,
  • Watkins Glen GT3 Cup (Race #5 6thOA/6th platinum, Race #6 DNF)
  • Road America Pirelli Trophy GT3 Cup (2nd OA Race #1, 2nd OA race #2)
  • Road America IMSA GT3 Cup (Race #9: DNF, Race #10 8th OA/8th platinum)
  • VIR IMSA GT3 Cup (Race #11: 17TH OA, 13 platinum, Race #12: 9th OA/9th platinum, Race #4;NOLA Makeup: 4th OA, 4th platinum)
  • COTA IMSA GT3 Cup, (Race #13: DNF, Race #14: 9th OA/9th platinum)
  • Laguna Seca IMSA GT3 Cup (Race #15: 9th OA/9th platinum, Race #16: 7th OA/7th platinum
  • COTA Pirelli Trophy GT3 Cup (Race #1 1st OA from Pole, Race #2


  • New 2015 PMNA engine installed at NOLA IMSA race, April 2015, 25.7 hrs runtime since, strong, zero over-revs
  • Transmission completely overhauled to full 2015 Specifications May 2015, 22 hrs runtime
  • “All” MY 2015 PMNA updates installed prior to 2015 season and during as PMNA released:
    • MY 2015 Fuel Cell update
    • Complete Megaline Shifter retrofit
    • MY 2015 Differential and Trans Stub Axles and complete transmission updates at April complete overhaul
    • Steering Rack Hydraulic line support update
    • 150amp alternator update complete with 997 Turbo Alternator Pulley update
    • 911GTA engine blade mount update
    • Rear Window Fixation update
    • Fire Extinguisher line support update
    • Engine T-Stat update (installed in new engine during initial install, including coolant hose update)
    • IPS update with 911GTA PWM Driver Fan controller update and Cosworth Firmware Update
    • Drive shaft boot vent update
    • Transmission “ROLEX” shift mechanism installed at COTA IMSA race Sept 2015 (part of MY 2016 update)
  • New Drive Axles installed at Road America IMSA race, August 2015
  • New Steering Rack complete, replaced prior to VIR IMSA race August 2015
  • Exhaust System replaced at VIR IMSA race August 2015
  • New Front struts, replaced after Pirelli Trophy Cup race October 2015
  • New front suspension corners complete (Hubs and all) installed at COTA IMSA race Sept 2015
  • Cool suit with Helmet cooler and transmission shift compressor cooling duct
  • Racing Radio Motorola Car master receiver/transmitter
  • New Radiator Modules Installed at COTA IMSA race September 2015, Center Radiator at Road America Aug 2015
  • All fluids and filters replaced after every other race all season long and during 2014 testing program after each event
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