1974 RSR “recreation”


1974 RSR "recreation"

No expense spared with many original RSR components
More correct than most real RSRs

This car also has a clean title and can be driven on the street. Or this car can also be made ready for vintage racing in HSR/SVRA/CHRA. Transportation and race packages available now.


  • 3.5 Liter built on factory 962 Engine Case
  • 100 mm Mahle Racing Pistons & Cylinders
  • Original Bosch RSR Twin Plug Ignition System
  • RSR Ignition Wiring Loom with correct wire supports
  • Original RSR Front oil cooler
  • RSR Braided Stainless Steel Oil lines
  • RSR Dry Sump Oil Tank with RSR filler neck and cap
  • Original RSR Engine Oil Console
  • Original RSR Center Oil Drilled Camshafts, Oil lines and Chain Boxes
  • RSR small Fan Housing and Engine Shrouding
  • RSR Crankshaft Pulley
  • RSR Engine Cross Member


  • Original RSR Fuel Tank w/ RSR filler neck and Cap
  • RSR Fuel Delivery System
  • RSR S.S. fuel lines complete
  • Andial RSR reproduction Slide Valves
  • Original RSR Red Knob MFI Pump


  • Original RSR Headers
  • Original RSR Megaphones
  • Original RSR megaphone support brackets


  • 915 Transmission with 930 LSD and transmission oil pump
  • Original RSR Left Front Oil Serpentine and RSR oil lines
  • RSR Aluminum race Clutch and RSR flywheel


  • Original RSR Suspension Complete
  • Factory RSR Sway Bars
  • Smart Racing Rear Sway Bar
  • 930 Tie Rods
  • RSR Front A-arms
  • RSR Strut Housings with Bilstein RSR inserts
  • RSR Bilstein Shocks
  • RSR Trailing Arms
  • RSR Suspension pickup points and gussetting
  • Original RSR Center Lock Hubs Front and rear


  • RSR Magnesium Center Lock Wheels
  • RSR Dual Brake Master Cylinder Pedal Cluster
  • Original RSR Brake Calipers,
  • Original RSR rear Emergency Brake System
  • Complete RSR detailing


  • Original RSR VDO Gages
  • 935 Race Seat and Seat Rails
  • Willans¬†6 point harness with RSR aluminum Attachments at Shoulder Harness
  • Hand Held Fire Extinguisher mounted next to Driver seat
  • Kill Switch in cockpit
  • RSR “copy” Roll cage
  • RSR Steering Wheel
  • RSR OEM Pedal Cluster


  • 1974 3.0 RSR Fiberglass Bodywork
  • RSR correct FIA Homologated chassis reinforcments
  • Lexan rear & Side glass
  • Martini “Works” Paint Job
  • As Correct and detailed as any real RSR


  • Original OEM RSR Front Wiring Harness
  • Optima Red Top Gel Sealed Racing Battery
  • Master Electrical Kill Switch inside and outside
  • 8-Pin Bosch Dual CD Ignition Boxes
  • Bosch Ignition Coils mounted on RSR stand
  • European “Amber” H1 Head Lamps removed and Clear lenses installed
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